End Treatment/Terminal Systems, Designator Nomenclature

S - SystemE - End Treatment/TerminalB - Box Beam01 - 99a - z
C - Cable
D - Wood
O - Other
R - Rigid
T - Thrie-Beam
W - W-Beam

For example, SEW17d is a System that is a End Treatment/Terminal for W-Beam applications.

End Treatment/Terminal Systems added since 4/20/2018

SEC11, Brifen MASH Cable Terminal

SEW32, MAX-Tension Guardrail Terminal System, TL-2

SEW32a, MAX-Tension Guardrail Terminal System, TL-3

SEW32b, MAX-Tension Median, TL-3

SEO01, SLED mini to TrafFix Water Cable Barrier

SEO01a, SLED mini to Concrete Barrier