Transition Systems, Designator Nomenclature

S - SystemT - TransitionB - Bridge Rail-to-Guardrail01 - 99a - z
C - Cable Barrier-to-Guardrail
G - Guardrail-to-Guardrail
R - Crash Cushion-to-Guardrail

For example, STB01a is a System that is a Transition for Bridge Rail-to-Guardrail applications.

Transition Systems added since 4/20/2018

STG05, Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) to PCB Transition

STG06, Metal Transition for Branching Concrete Barrier

STR01, HV2 Barrier Transition to Crash Cushion

STG07, Safety Roller Barrier Transition to W-Beam Guardrail

STG08, QuickChange Movable Barrier - Concrete Reactive-Tension System Transition