MN Type F with Bicycle Rail

Material: Cast-in-Place Concrete (C)
Test Specification: NCHRP Report 350
*Test Level: 4
Perm/Temp: Permanent
Mounting Type: Deck
Deck Type: Conventional Reinforced Concrete
Aesthetic: No
See-Through: Yes
Retrofit: No
Combo Traffic/Pedestrian: Yes
Weight Per Foot: Unknown
Contact: Ronald K. Faller, P.E., Ph.D.
TF13 Review Status: Not Reviewed
FHWA Eligibility Letter: None or Not Available. Check the FHWA website.

* Crash test compliance shown on the system pages does not imply satisfactory performance other than what is specifically shown on the page.

The information provided in this guide is for reference only and it is the responsibility of the user/designer to verify that the bridge rail meets current Federal eligibility and safety requirements.

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The details in this guide only address the crash performance of the bridge railing itself. Users should analyze deck and overhang details for their particular bridge loadings. All content is provided for informational purposes only. The Task Force 13 Guide to Standardized Roadside Hardware and its contents do not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation.