Task Force 13 Spring 2022 Meeting Notes – Lincoln, NE

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The most recent minutes from the Spring 2022 Meeting in Lincoln, NE has been posted. Thank You all for your participation. We look forward to seeing you in the Fall.

Notes from our Secretary Greg Neece (Trinity Highway)

Please see attached meeting notes from the Spring 2022 TF13 Meeting held in conjunction with the MWRSF Pooled Fund Program the last week of April – in Lincoln, NE. Thanks to everyone who attended in person and during the virtual sessions. Please reach-out to me with any questions regarding the meeting notes.

In regards to PDH Certificates, we anticipate issuing the certification form later this week. The certification form is for your use in recording of Professional Development Hours that you have completed at this meeting. Reporting is done on an honor basis and attendees are responsible for maintaining their own records.

Warm regards – Greg, TF13 Secretary


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