Register for the Fall 2023 Task Force 13 Meeting in College Station, TX

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Members of Task Force 13 and Friends,

We had a great SPRING Meeting and a joint session with the Midwest Pooled Fund Group in April and many were able to attend a MASH crash test, as part of the meeting. Thanks to the group in Lincoln for their hospitality and arrangements.

Our FALL meeting will be held in College Station, TX ! The timing is just after the Roadside Safety Pooled Fund Group concludes with their meeting the prior days.    

We are still working with the Pooled Fund Group as to the specific details/agenda for the joint meeting, which will be held on Thursday morning, from 8am to 10am.

The meeting location will be in the Embassy Suites College Station, TX., 201 University Drive E.  –  College Station, TX 77840​979-260-6000

Standard meeting registration rate of $375 if booked by September 23rd.

The actual meeting registration rate is determined by the date that the participant registers – online or if mailed, by the postmark date of the registration form.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

Thursday October 19th, 2023, from 8am – 5pm (CST)
Joint meeting with the Roadside Safety Pooled Fund Group
Hotel breakfast for those staying at the Embassy Suites is included with roomcharge of $149.00 per night – plus taxes, if applicable.
Breaks and lunch are included as part of the meeting registration fee.
Dinner nearby is included as part of the registration, dinner location to be determined in a few weeks.

Friday October 20, 2023, from 8am – Noon (CST)
Hotel breakfast for those staying at the Embassy Suites is included with room charge of $149.00 per night – plus taxes, if applicable.
A morning break is included as part of the meeting registration fee.

Anyone wishing to make a 15-20 minute Technical Presentation during the Task Force 13 meeting must request to be placed on the agenda, in advance. Presentations must be limited to relevant roadside design research and hardware.  Please send request to

Those of you who are not able to attend the Task Force 13 meeting in person have the opportunity for remote participation for ALL or some portion of the meeting – as it fits your schedule and interest:

There is a $200 virtual registration fee, for those not attending in person

A weblink will be provided to join the meeting remotely, approximately one (1) week prior to the meeting, for those who choose this option.

We would like to thank Todd Tekulve, of Brifen USA, for agreeing to manage/monitor the virtual log-in for the meetings. This will be the 1st meeting in which Task Force 13 will be offering both a virtual and in-person option for the entire meeting.

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