PennDOT 50-inch Tall Precast F-shape Concrete Barrier Keyed in 4-inches of Asphalt

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Designator SGM48a
System Type Median Barrier (M)
Test Specification AASHTO MASH 2016
Test Level TL-4
Rail Type Closed Profile
Deflection Category Semi-Rig
Dynamic Deflection 12" [305mm] < DD ≤ 24" [610mm]
Working Width 48" [1219mm] < WW ≤ 72" [1829mm]
Aesthetic No
Width 12" [305mm] < W ≤ 24" [610mm]
Height H > 33" [838mm]
Manufacturer Non-Proprietary
Drawing Status As Submitted
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FHWA Eligibility Letter B-372.pdf
Drawings SGM48a_20200227.pdf
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