2020 Fall Meeting Notes

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Submitted 23 October 2020

With short notice, but also an abbreviated format, Task Force 13 participated in a joint two
(2) hour online meeting between TF13 and the TTI Roadside Safety Pooled Fund Group,
discussing MASH Implementation.

There were twelve (12) presenters during this compressed time frame, each of which
provided details as to the status of the various projects (such as the hardware and bridge
rail guides), MASH products, and current activities. Of the TF13 Subcommittees, only
Subcommittee #7 was provided a time slot during this meeting and Karla bought us all up to
speed on its’ activities and scheduled ILCs. There will be a follow-up SC#7 online meeting
in the next few weeks, to complete the current ILC on the CIP of longitudinal barriers.
The meeting started at 11am EDT and ran, very smoothly, for a little over two (2) hours and
some additional time was spent on Q&A from the presentations after conclusion – with the
sign-off being about 1:30pm EDT.

Eric Smith provided the online platform and ran the event behind the scenes. Eric’s
support to the TF13 for this event was paramount to its success. At one point we had one
hundred and sixty-eight participants (168) with one hundred and sixty (160) for most of the
two hours. Even after the meetings’ conclusion and the brief Q&A session began, there
were still over one hundred and forty (140) participants.

Below is the listing of presenters. If additional information is needed, please contact the
individuals directly – or reach out to John Durkos or Greg Neece and we will attempt to
provide you with the presentation, if acceptable to the presenter.

Thank you to all of those that were able to attend and to the presenters for their valuable

Greg Neece – Task Force 13, Secretary

Thursday, October 22, 2020 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (EDT)

  • Introduction and Agenda
    5 mins John Durkos
  • Abbreviated Task Force 13 updates…
    • What has the Task Force 13 been up to?
      • High level overview of guide/drawings enhancements
        15 mins Eric Lohrey
    • Sub-Committee #7 Report (Certifications of Test Facilities & ILC)
      20 mins Karla Lechtenberg
  • MASH Implementation…Where’s industry heading?
    • TRANSPO Industries, Inc.
      10 mins Michael Stenko
    • X2cessories Squared
      10 mins Greg Kirchgesner
    • Hill & Smith, Inc.
      10 mins Jeff Shewmaker
    • Safe Roads Engineering
      10 mins Mark Ayton
    • Brifen USA
      5 mins Richard Butler
    • Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems
      10 mins Ron Faulkenberry
    • Road Systems, Inc.
      5 mins John Durkos
  • NCHRP 22-40 Update – Greg Neece / Chris McKenney
    Update to AASHTO M180 and Associated Highway Guardrail Specifications
    3 mins
  • NCHRP 15-53 Update – Dhafer Marzougui / Chris McKenney
    Roadside Barrier Designs Near Bridge Ends with Restricted Rights of Way
    7 mins
  • NCHRP 03-119 Update – Fadi Tahan
    Application of MASH Test Criteria to Breakaway Sign and Luminaire Supports and
    Crashworthy Work-Zone Traffic Control Devices
    10 mins

TOTAL of 125 minutes
Note … the actual order of the presenters was slightly different than planned, due to various
challenges. But ultimately all presenters were accommodated and all presentations given.