Weak-Steel Post Cable Guardrail

Designator SGR01b
System Type Roadside Barrier (R)
Test Specification NCHRP Report 350
Test Level TL-3
Rail Type Cable
Deflection Category Flexible
Dynamic Deflection
Working Width
Aesthetic Yes
Height 26" [660mm] < H ≤ 30" [762mm]
Manufacturer Non-Proprietary
Drawing Status Review Complete
Contact Federal Highway Administration
FHWA Eligibility Letter b64.pdf
Components Cable Hook Bolt and Nut
Shouldered Cable Hook Bolt and Nut
Class 4.6 Hex Bolt & Nut
Flanged-Channel Post
Trapezoidal Soil Plate
Wire Rope
Drawings SGR01a-b.dwg
Other Docs sgr01a-b.doc
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